Pack Your Carry-On Like a Minimalist

Or I promise, you don’t need to bring it

5 min readMay 30


Recently, I’ve found a new love for packing a carry-on.

I’ve been craving spontaneity and innovation in my life, so I quit my job and bought a carry-on.

That sounded way less riveting than I thought it would…

Nonetheless, a new adventure soon awaits as I seek endlessly for a ticket to my next chapter.

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

When I travelled throughout the summer last year, I had countless bags (and checked bag fees) filled to the brim, overflowing of redundance.

This time around, though, not only have I been packing with experience, but I’ve also been doing so to visit the not yet known, which prompted me to pack in a sense of vagueness.

Packing Your Carry-On Like a Minimalist

In all honesty, my first mistake in packing my carry-on last time was having the wrong bag; I used a Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bag.

A moment of silence, please.

The issue with that was that I had a single opened space demanding that I crammed it with anything I could think of that I would “need.”

This is where the “just in case” mindset kicked in.

I also had a separate protective case for my laptop that took up a great deal of space in my…again I say… grocery bag.

I was beyond disorderly with embarrassing things falling out left and right as handbag marks took over my arms.

Whether I knew that there were bags out there that were specifically made to be a carry-on or not is beyond me.

Take it from me…your first step in packing light and well is finding the perfect carry-on that fits your needs.

Emphasis on the needs.

Emphasis on the carry-on.

Depending on your lifestyle, the bag that fits you may vary.

I’m what the kids call nowadays “high maintenance.” So, I need a decently sized bag that has various pockets, zippers, and something built in for my laptop’s safety.




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