How to be Open-Minded

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

There are contrasts within the world that are prominently and evidently deemed as good vs. evil.

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Though, when we begin to label menial aspects as such contrasts, it dictates our perception of the world and how we react to it.

The most common aspects we deem as good or bad are characteristic traits; this is often done subconsciously.

As humans, we favor those similar to us in any way, but if a distinct aspect is most prominent, we tend to distance ourselves from that trait and individual possessing it. Doing so subconsciously builds a belief that the opposing you are avoiding is inadequate.

Once the separation of contrasts is in effect, judgement is soon to follow.

For example: One person is outspoken, careless, and agreeable, while another is more so on the observant side keeping to themselves around most others. The outspoken person will soon see this difference between them and the other, subconsciously disliking them.

Soon, judgmental thoughts will arise towards the other tending to believe the observant one is arbitrary, dull, or anything along those lines.

The same would be true for the opposing: the observant one may soon believe and think the outspoken individual is arrogant and filled of conceit.

However we perceive a certain aspect determines how we react to it.

When we deem menial aspects of the world as good or bad, we react accordingly. When we deem something as good, we will gravitate towards it more and hold more acceptance for it. Just as when we deem something as bad, we will tend to avoid it at all costs without giving it a chance to prove the label as false, which, again, is followed by judgement.

Aside from what is obvious, most of the world’s aspects are fairly neutral. We all hold a divergent definition of various aspects, which means that they will appear varied from person to person.

While one’s confidence may be outspoken, another’s may be mere comfort in silence. Just because we’re different from each other doesn’t make one better than the other.

Even so, these contrasted labels extend far beyond characteristics.

What do you label as good vs. evil?

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